Industrial Projects
Commercial concrete entails concrete used in commercial flooring and other methods to build or enhance business facilities such as industrial buildings, warehouses retail stores and restaurants. This particular type of concrete differs from residential concrete which is less robust in comparison. Commercial concrete is durable and intended to stand up against the heavy demands of large structures and can be found in a building’s walls, floors, exterior walkways, pavement and even in decorative architectural details.
Contractor Projects
We provide high-quality and reliable concrete for contractors working in both residential and commercial construction. Our material meets and exceed industry standards, ensuring that the finished construction is durable, safe, and compliant with regulatory requirements. We provide custom solutions tailored to specific project requirements, such as enhanced strength, faster curing times, or particular finishes.
Residential Projects
Using us for a residential project brings several significant benefits that can streamline the construction process, enhance the quality of the work, and even potentially reduce costs. Our goal is to deliver a superior product for your project, on time and in spec.
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At the Tesla facility, our cutting-edge concrete solutions supported the construction of an innovative manufacturing space, underlining our commitment to quality in high-tech environments.

Carson City Toyota


Our premium concrete solutions laid the foundation for the expansive Carson City Toyota dealership, enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal.



We supplied specialized concrete that helped shape the Scheels Shopping Center into a modern retail marvel, emphasizing both strength and design flexibility.

Amazon Warehouse


For the Amazon warehouse project, our high-quality concrete was pivotal in constructing a robust and vast logistics hub, tailored to meet high-traffic demands.

SanMar Warehouse


Our concrete services were instrumental in the development of the SanMar warehouse, providing a sturdy base for this key distribution and storage facility.