Mix Designs

American Ready Mix can customize your concrete mix designs to fit your specific needs by adjusting the proportions of water, aggregate, cement and admixtures. We can modify concrete’s manageability, shorten or extend set time, increase early or late age strengths and improve the finish-ability and pump-ability of your concrete.

American Ready-Mix has available a wide variety of mix designs for concrete products with compressive strengths from 50 psi (Flowable Fill) to 10,000 PSI, as well as a variety of specialty concrete products. Mix designs are prepared in accordance with ASTM -C192 and ACI 211 by an AASHTO accredited laboratory. Custom mix designs will also be developed in accordance with customer specifications. Our mix designs are prepared by a Nevada Licensed Professional Engineer.

For assistance in maximizing your concrete’s performance please contact Mike Brown of our Quality Assurance Department at 775-355-2208.