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Now available for the first time in Northern Nevada! Slag will enhance your concrete and is a value added product. The benefits of slag far exceed the small additional cost!

Just some of the benefits of using Slag base concrete:

Enhanced workability
Improved pumpability
Superior finishability

Lighter, more reflective
Meets Leeds & Green
     building regulations
Proven lifetime cost savings

Slag Cement is also known as GGBFS which stand for ground, granulated blast-furnace slag. It has been used in concrete for over 100 years and will be available to American Ready Mix in July of 2005. By replacing a portion of Portland cement in our concrete mixes with slag we are able to produce better and more consistent concrete. Among the measurable improvements are:

Better Workability
Easier Finishability
Higher Compressive Strengths
Lower Permeability
Better resistance to ASR
More Consistency


Residential Concrete:

Engineers, architects and specifiers have long used slag cement in major projects to achieve improved concrete performance. These performance enhancements are becoming more important to builders of residential homes, and their owners. It has been used in footings, basement walls, basement floor slabs, sidewalks, driveways, garages, insulated concrete form (ICF) walls and in masonry construction. It is preferred in decorative concrete because of its lighter base color; colors appear more vibrant in integrally colored and stamped concrete.

Compressive and Flexural Strength:

Concrete made with slag cement provides higher compressive and flexural strengths compared with straight portland cement. Improved strengths make it easier to achieve specified safety factors of the concrete mixture and can provide engineers with a tool to optimize concrete mix designs. Slag cement mixes have slower early strength development but the ultimate strengths will be higher than straight portland cement mixtures. Improved flexural strengths are attributed to the increased denseness of the concrete paste and improved paste-aggregate bonding.

Environmental Friendly:

Utilization of slag cement in concrete not only lessons the burden on landfills, it also conserves a virgin manufactured product (portland cement), reduces air emissions at the blast furnace. It can be used to construct energy-efficient building systems, and reduces the “heat island” effect because of its lighter color. In 1996 the Environmental Protection Agency recognized slag cement as a “recovered” product under the Federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act.




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